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Whether you are an experienced linguist or a beginning translator, here is your entrance to the languages of the world and to dictionaries and language books unlike any others on the market! Here are some of our most popular products to get you started:

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The Translator's Handbook

Interested in a successful translation career or freelancing? Since 1996, this is the book translators everywhere have come to rely on. It covers everything related to translation, from the history and theory of translation, to ways to improve one's skills, to sources of dictionaries, and how to obtain translation work.

Order yours today for only $22!

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Multicultural Spanish Dictionary

Is Spanish one language? Yes and no. A grapefruit in Guatemala is una toronja. In Argentina it is un pomelo. A waiter in Mexico is un mesero; in Uruguay, un mozo. In Spain eyeglasses are gafas; in Cuba, espejuelos. The list goes on and on.

This dictionary tells you what all the others don't. It guides you through the many variations of Spanish and helps you identify and use everyday Spanish like a native.

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International business terms for the 21st century. Banking, accounting, insurance, real-estate, import-export, taxes, business law, computers, and more.

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Translator Self-Training

A practical course in technical translation. The languages you need: Spanish, Japanese, German, and more. 20% off every Translator Self-Training!

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